This article describes what configuration you need to do in the settings to stream directly to Streamboxy with LiveU Solo Encoder.


  1. You have a LiveU Solo Encoder and use the latest firmware v4.0
  2. Your LiveU Solo Encoder is connected to the internet via Ethernet + router and online
  3. Your Internet upstream speed is at least 12 Mbits for a smooth 1080p stream with 25 frames per second
  4. Your firewall allows outgoing TCP connections via ports 2935 and 2936 (RTMPS) and optionally allows TCP ports 1935 and 1936 as fallback (RTMP)
  5. You have created a livestream in Streamboxy and have the permission to manage the upstream

Procedure for the settings of the AJA Helo

Step 1

Choose Select New Destination in the following menu.

Step 2

Now select the Microsoft Stream option.

Step 3

Now set the profile to 1920 x1080 Widescreen (16:9) 30fps as shown in the graphic.

In the Secondary Ingress URL column, enter the upstream URL you generated in the Streamboxy Stage.

For the column Stream Name (or Stream Key) set the value default.

Then click Submit.

Step 4

Now click on GO LIVE and wait until your signal appears on Streamboxy.