What is a Custom promo header?

In order to put your brand/branding more in the foreground, STREAMBOXY allows you to define your own header via standard control elements.

Any content can be integrated here using HTML (here example "Your Brand" with image and overlapping logo). 

The header is located above the actual page, above the top navigation bar.

Please note that the header is not displayed in the mobile version of STREAMBOXY for space reasons.

Complete Screen:

Sample Page with Branding



Sample Branded Header

Where can I find the promo header settings?

Define the appearance for all events of the tenant

The configuration of the promo header can be found in the tenant settings (gear in the top right corner of your tenant) under the item "Appearance" and there under the tab "Promo header".

These settings apply to all events of the tenant or client, as long as no individual definition has been set in single events.

Setting the appearance for a single event

The configuration of the promo header for a single event can be found in the event settings ("Open Event Settings") under the item "Appearance" and under the tab "Promo header".

These settings apply to the entire individual event including all breakout rooms.

How to configure the header?

Under the item "Custom promo header", there are two fields to be filled:

  1. Header: Here you can add individual HTML content which is shown in the header. If you want to use assets like images you currently have to host them yourself and link them here.

  2. Header height: Here you can define the header height in pixels.
    Please note that high headers take a lot of space from the main page, especially on lower resolution screens.

Example template

STREAMBOXY also offers you the possibility to add a template for the HTML with standard styling to the text field.

To use a template from STREAMBOXY, click on the button "</>"

The text box fills then with a sample code that configures the header page.

Scroll down the text box to see all parts of the code.

The height ("height") of the header in the code (in the third line of code: "height: 100px") should be identical in height to the header height ("Header height") on the surface of the "Own Promo Header".

If you have added your own HTML and by mistake click on "</>" you will be prompted that your HTML will be overwritten by the sample one.

Click on 


to open the code in a larger window. There you get a better overview and can edit code easier.

Please note: There is no support for embedding external codes. 

Other examples of a custom promo header: