What is the Tech Check?

Using the Tech Check you can evaluate the technical requirements for participating in a Streamboxy Session.

Using the Tech Check

Starting the Tech Check

The Tech Check can be started in different ways.

Automatic start when entering a Session

If the Organizer has configured the Event in this way, the tech check starts when entering the Session for the first time.

Manual start within a Session

You can manually start the Tech Check from within a Session by clicking the "?" Icon in the upper right corner and selecting "Tech Check" from the context menu.

Manual start independend of a Session

If the Organizer disabled the Tech Check or you are not having access to a session yet, you can run a common Tech Check here.

What does the Tech Check check?

The check includes three steps in which the compatibility of the operating system and the browser as well as the Internet speed are automatically checked.

What does the Tech Check not check?

Currently only the requirements to take part as an atendee in a Livestream are checked.

Checks of additional requirements for playing an active role in conferences like a working webcam, screensharing or a microphone as well as a preselection of tests to be run depending on the Event Configuration are planned for future releases.

Execution of the Tech Check

The Tech Check runs all check automatically once started.


You can close a running check by clicking the X in the upper right corner or by clicking "Skip".

After the Tech Check has been completed, the check can either be repeated or closed.

To do this, click on "Redo Check" or "Close Tech Check" under the section "Next Steps". 

Important: A successful tech check is not a guarantee, but an indicator that you will be able to participate in the session without any problems.

If the tech check is not successful, please check the stability of your Internet connection and change browsers if necessary (more detailed information on supported browsers and devices can be found here).

If the check is not successful, you can redo the check, open the service portal directly, or close the Tech Check - participation in the event is still possible.

However, connection problems as well as problems with some functions may occur under certain circumstances.

Mobile View:

The Tech Check is also available in the mobile view.