What are Surveys?

Surveys are used to optain optionions or conduct polls during a session.

Speaker Documentation

You are in the documentation of the PARTICIPANT features. Accordingly, the speaker features are not described here.

The documentation of the speaker survey features can be found here.

How to use Surveys


Surveys can be activated by the speaker during the event and thus be made visible to you. 

The poll function is thus centrally controlled and is shown in the lower right corner of your video image. 

By clicking on the desired answer option(s), you can either cast one vote per survey or multiple votes (multiple answers), depending on how it is intended and configured.

In the main room (lobby) the poll is visible for all participants in the lobby, in breakout rooms only for the participants in this room.


Example of a survey with one response option

Example of a survey with multiple answers

Poll Results

The instructor starts and ends a poll and can share the results with you after the poll ends. You will then see the results either in the survey panel and in a pop-up window that you can collapse and close independently before the instructor finishes viewing them. The speaker can download the results after the event and make them available to you. You cannot evaluate or download the results by yourself.

View poll results after the poll is closed

You can view all poll results after the poll is closed using the Survey Icon in the icon bar.

You can find every Survey and its Results if they have been published by the speaker.
The poll panels can be collapsed and expanded independently.

Mobile View

If you are using the mobile view, you find the survey symbol on the bottom menu bar.

Further Reading

More information and detailed description of the participant interface can be found here