This article describes how to stream directly to your STREAMBOXY video platform via RTMP VMIX Encoder.


  1. You have a VMIX Encoder with the latest firmware
  2. Your VMIX Encoder is connected to the internet via Ethernet + router and online
  3. Your internet upstream speed is at least 12 Mbits for a smooth 1080p stream with up to 30 frames per second
  4. Your firewall allows outgoing TCP connections via ports 2935 and 2936 (RTMPS) and optionally allows TCP ports 1935 and 1936 as fallback (RTMP)
  5. You have created a livestreamin STREAMBOXY and have the permission to manage the upstream

Procedure for the VMIX encoder settings

Set the settings as follows:

Streamings Settings

Streaming Quality

Changing the encoder configuration once the stream was started can impact the Stream in a negative way. Reset the stream using the STREAMBOXY reset feature (described below) if you have changed encoder settings.