This article describes how to use the ATEM Mini Pro to stream directly to Streamboxy via RTMP.


  1. You have an Atem Mini Pro with Atem software control version of Mind 8.6.1
  2. Your Atem Mini Pro is connected to the internet via Ethernet + router and online
  3. Your internet upstream speed is at least 12 Mbits for a smooth 1080p stream with 25 frames per second
  4. Your firewall allows outgoing TCP connections via ports 2935 and 2936 (RTMPS) and optionally allows TCP ports 1935 and 1936 as fallback (RTMP)
  5. You have created a Livestream in Streamboxy and have the permission to manage the upstream


Currently, the ATEM Mini Pro does not support Constant Bitrate Streaming. This causes bitrate drops when sending still images which may result in streaming aborts.

Therefore we currently recommend using the ATEM Mini Pro solely as an Image Mixer and not streaming directly to Streamboxy. You can stream the ATEM Mini output using the USB Port and Streaming Software like OBS.

We already addressed the topic at Blackmagic and refresh this article once this problem is solved

Procedure to set up a stream with the ATEM mini Pro

1. Preparing the Streaming.XML file

Download the Streaming_Streamboxy.xml file attached here, open the downloaded file with a text editor and make the following adjustment.


...with the Upstream URL

2. Adjusting the Atem Mini Pro frame rate

Open the Atem Software Control and switch to the Settings menu with the cogwheel at the bottom left:

Set the video standard to 1080p25 and save the setting (higher frame rates will cause the stream to stop after 1s or dropouts):

3. Importing the customized Streaming.XML

Click Load Streaming Settings in the ATEM Software Control and select the Streaming_Streamboxy.xml file:

4. Configuring the live stream in the ATEM Software Control

In the ATEM Software Control, switch to the Output section (right) and specify the following settings:

  • Select "Streamboxy Event" as the platform
  • Select as Server Primary RTMPS
  • Enter "default" as Key
  • Select as Quality 1080p 25fps

5. Start the Livestream