Whats in this article?

The Streamboxy User Interface consists of the Backstage and Stage area, these are described here.



The Backstage Area allows you to manage global settings, configure events and manage Attendees.

This Area is only available for backstage users and administrators. Attendees and Speakers are not allowed to access this area.

The Backstage area is available under https://app.streamboxy.com/


In the Stage area the event itself is executed. Attendees and Speakers are able to access the stage and take part in events.

The Stage is accessible under https://stage.streamboxy.com/ or a custom domain for your tenant. It requires a direct access link to a specific event which will be created in the Backstage and delivered to attendees and speakers via E-Mail or 3rd Party systems.

The Stage is also accessible from the backstage using the "Go to Session" link: