What is an SMTP server?

Configuring a "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol" (SMTP) server enables you to send invitation e-mails from your e-mail server. 

Including your own SMTP server offers several advantages. You retain full control over your internal dispatch settings and can store your own sender e-mail address. Your data sovereignty and you are not restricted by your provider. 

Which SMTP Providers are suitable for integration?

E-Mail Services for Private or internal use like GMail, GMX or Exchange Online are not suitable for integation, since they are not build for this purpose and block E-Mail formwarding when a certain amount of E-Mails is reached.

We recommend to use a purpose build service for transactional mail deliver like Mailgun or Mailjet.

This has the following advandtages:

  1. No or significantly higher limits when sending E-Mails
  2. Reporting and Monitoring capabilities regarding Delivery state
  3. Additional configuration options regarding E-Mail Domain and deliverability.

Please note that the server must support TLS version 1.0 or higher.

Where can I find the E-Mail Server Settings?

Starting point is the backstage environment of STREAMBOXY. Navigate to "Settings" in the lower left corner of your tenant.

Then select the tab "Custom mail server" in the navigation bar that opens.

Custom Mail Server

How do I integrate my own e-mail server?

To send e-mails from your own SMTP server, click on the button "Custom mail server".

Custom Mail server Individual

Now the following input mask opens with the fields for the login data: 

  • SMTP server host
  • Port
  • Sender e-mail
  • Sender name
  • User name
  • Password

Custom Mail

Description of the SMTP credentials

SMTP Server Host

In the SMTP Server Host field, enter your own email server address of the outgoing server (SMTP server) that you want to use for sending emails.


Furthermore, the port on which the respective SMTP server host listens must be specified. 

Standard ports are: 587, 2525.

Please note that the ports 25 and 465 are blocked by many SMTP servers, therefore they cannot be used.

Sender e-mail

For the sender e-mail, an e-mail address is expected with which the invitation and reminder e-mails can be sent. 

Please note that the e-mail address must use your SMTP server. 

Sender Name

As sender name you can define a name that will be displayed in the recipient's e-mail programme.  

User name

You must enter your user name for the sender e-mail you use. You can use the sender e-mail address for this.


In the password field, you must enter your password for the specified e-mail account.

Send test mail

After entering a new password, you can test your settings and credentials by clicking on the button "Test new credentials". 

Another window opens where you can enter a recipient's email address, select an email template from the content management, and set the language of the template

Enter any e-mail address for the recipient's e-mail address.

You can choose one of the languages available in the selected email template.

Click on the "Send" button to send the test e-mail. 

Check the corresponding e-mail account to see if an e-mail has arrived. If necessary, please check your spam folder.

To save the overall settings of your e-mail server, click on "Save" below.