Besides the normal filter properties, the sessions and users can also be filtered using dynamic custom properties. To do that, you have to define your filter query in a query parameter named "CustomPropertiesFilter":



Custom properties filter uses following scheme:

CustomPropertiesFilter={property1Name} = {property1Value} and {property2Name} > {property2Value} or {property3Name} <= {property3Value} 

where {propertyName} is the internal name of desired property, e.g. sessionLanguage (without braces) or topic and {propertyValue} is the value of the property. 

Allowed Types

The value can be of type Double, String, Boolean or Datetime. Strings containing a space should be wrapped in quotation marks (myStringProperty = "Some string")

Allowed operators

Following operators are supported:

  1. = (Equal to)
  2. != (Not equal to. Note: returns only sessions that contain custom property value not equal to provided value. Sessions without custom property value are ignored.)
  3. > (Bigger than)
  4. < (Smaller than)
  5. >= (Bigger than or equal to)
  6. <= (Smaller than or equal to)
  7. ~ (Contains. Note: uses only with string properties. For other types this operator behaves like normal equality operator "=".)

Between different properties use can use either "and" or "or" to define of the conditions should be applies as an intersection or as an union.