What is the STREAMBOXY Hive eCDN Integration?

STREAMBOXY offers an integration with HIVE as eCDN Partner. 

Using the Hive eCDN you can Stream to thousands of participants in a corporate network, without putting to much load on firewalls and proxy servers.

Using hive, each viewer does not directly access the STREAMBOXY video stream directly, it is indirectly distributed within the corporate networ (using a peer to peer network or agents).


  • Hive Subscription - We are happy to support you with that
  • Activation of hive for your tenant through STREAMBOXY Customer Support

After HIVE is enabled for your tenant you are able to set up sessions of type LiveStream with HIVE eCDN integration.

Enabling Hive eCDN for a Livestream Session

You can decide on a per session basis if you want to use HIVE or not. 

This can be defined within the main / or breakout session and is only available for the session type Livestream.

HIVE eCDN for this session

When to enable HIVE eCDN Integration?

  • If you have trouble with network bandwidth for videostreaming to a lot of clients within a corporate network
  • If you have a stream which will be mostly viewed by employees residing within your company network

When not to enable HIVE eCDN Integration?

  • If your audience is not in your coroporate network (events for customers, partner, public etc.)
  • If your audience is spread througout a lot of locations (Work from Home, Mobile etc.)
  • If your audience is mostly using VPN (you can use split tunnel configuration here)