What are Session Posters?

Session posters are placeholders that your users see in the content area when no content (livestream, video, conference, etc.) is being played at the current time. 

That is the case, when the session is not open yet or the session already passed.

Posters are often used to personally welcome participants in advance, to provide them with information about the session or to collect feedback afterwards.

Which posters are displayed when?

In Streamboxy there is the option to set an individual poster in three different statuses:

  • In the "scheduled" status, all users (speakers and attendees) will see the content you have posted. 
  • As soon as you open the room, your participants will see the content set for this status - speakers will see the session content (livestream, conference or content page) beforehand. 
  • A poster for the status "ended" is displayed equally to all users, but only if no recording is available.

What are the types of posters to define?

Streamboxy supports three types of posters.


By default, no specific session poster is defined. In this case the parent poster takes effect.


This is the option with the most design freedom. Here you can embed externally provided HTML pages and applications (if allowed by the owner) into Streamboxy as iframe.

To personalize the displayed content, Streamboxy allows the use of URL placeholders to pass session title, user name, language, User ID etc. More information and help on this option can be found here.

Common use cases include embedded personal greetings, surveys, contact forms, etc.


As an easier way to maintain session posters you can export an image, for example from PowerPoint or Photoshop and upload it directly.

They can crop and adjust the posters to a 16:9 format when uploading. The image is compressed after upload for faster delivery and automatically adapts to different screen sizes.

Find more information about the image editor here.

Where are posters defined?

Poster Hierarchy

The posters are arranged in a hierarchy and inherit the settings to the respective subordinate position.

The more specific setting always overwrites the parent setting.

If no setting is defined, Streamboxy shows the logo you set with a short info text.


Tenant or client-wide setting

The configuration of the tenant posters can be found as menu item Posters in the Settings menu. 

These posters are valid for all events of the tenant or client, as long as no own definition has been created in individual events.

Event setting

The configuration of the event posters can be found in the settings of the event under Posters. 

These posters are valid for all sessions of the event, as long as no own definition has been created in individual sessions.

Session setting

The configuration of the session posters can be found in the session settings under Agenda and Sessions.

These posters only apply to the individual session.

How long does it take for my change to be visible?

Changes to posters are updated immediately for all events, sessions and attendees. 

Posters update for the attendee without the attendee having to reload the page to do so. 

This allows for last minute adjustments or during ongoing events.