The Onboarding Page is displayed before entering the event and requires confirmation of the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Note: In the privacy settings you have, among other things, the option not to display this page.

What does this article say?

This article explains how to easily style the onboarding page using HTML.

Basic knowledge of HTML and the use of HTML are required.

An example of how the onboarding page can look like: 

Where can I style the onboarding page?

 A distinction is made between two levels, the tenant settings (across all events in a tenant) and the settings for an individual event.

1. Define the Onboarding for all events of the tenant

The configuration of the onboarding can be found in the tenant settings (gear in the top right corner of your tenant) under the item "Appearance" and the tab "Onboarding"

Detailed information on all other setting options in the "Appearance" tab can be found here.

These settings apply to all events of the tenant or client, as long as no individual definition has been set in individual events.

For the "Onboarding" field, scroll all the way down in the window that opens.

2. Setting the appearance for a single event

You can configure the Onboarding for a single event in the event settings under "Appearance".

Detailed information on all other setting options in the "Appearance" tab can be found here.

These settings apply to the entire event including all breakout rooms.

Here, the event "Test Event" is edited. 

How do i configure the Onboarding Page?

By adding a custom HTML you have the possibility to design the background yourself:

  • Change Colour
  • Insert Image, animated background, video
  • etc.

Example template

STREAMBOXY also offers you the possibility to add a template for the HTML with standard styling to the text field.

To use a template from STREAMBOXY, click on the button "</>"

The text box fills then with a sample code that configures the onboarding page.

Scroll down the text box to see all parts of the code.

If you have added your own HTML and by mistake click on "</>" you will be prompted that your HTML will be overwritten by the sample one.

Click on 


to open the code in a larger window. There you get a better overview and can edit code easier.

Save your registration form configuration by clicking the "Save" button at the very bottom.