What does this article say?

This article contains the integration possibilities of eCDN with STREAMBOXY.

STREAMBOXY offers you an integration to enable eCDN for your event.

Hive Integration:

STREAMBOXY offers the integration of HIVE eCDN as a partner.

With the Hive eCDN, you can conduct live streams with thousands of participants in a company network without overloading firewalls, proxies, etc.


Hive ensures that individual stream viewers do not access STREAMBOXY separately, but that the data is distributed within the company network (via a peer-to-peer network or agents).

The setup and configuration forms the basis for using Hive eCDN for your event.


  1. Contact us at least six months in advance of your planned event that will use Hive eCDN.
  2. Enter into a contract with Hive so that Hive can assign you to us as a customer.
  3. With your customer ID we can connect Hive eCDN and your event and you can use your event with Hive.



For more information on Hive integration, contact us here.