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This article covers the integration possibility of the STREAMBOXY video platform customized to your CI. Besides future livestream or conference events, it can also be used as a media library for past on-demand videos and events.

Each video platform at STREAMBOXY is coordinated with its components individually with our customers. For this reason, not all integrations mentioned below are included in every video platform. Further integrations can be integrated additionally.



STREAMBOXY video platform

The STREAMBOXY video platform offers you the opportunity to clearly place several events (be it series of events or individual events) for the participant in one platform. To set up your desired appearance of the STREAMBOXY video platform, contact our support.

Yourbrand Portal Sample Overview Highlights

Event overview


The participant can register and register for the desired events.




Stucture of the STREAMBOXY video platform 

Registration and deregistration 

Your participant can log in with their personal participant account by clicking on the "Sign In" button at the top left.


The attendee logs in using the sign in method you selected. The data submitted is then automatically used to register for individual events, so that the participant no longer has to type in his data for each event registration.

Logged in participant 

By clicking on the "Sign Out" button, the user can log out of his account again.





On the right are the language settings, which are automatically adjusted according to your browser language. The events created are already sorted according to their languages and, according to the language settings, are only displayed under the selection of the respective languages.

language selection


To do this, select the desired language in your user-defined properties so that your event is also displayed in the correct language selection.

Custom Properties 


In order to give individual events special attention, you can mark them as a highlight in your STREAMBOXY video platform.

The highlights are displayed to users in front of the list of events and can be scrolled through.

 Highlight overview




Another way to subdivide events is to categorize the respective events.

The selection of the categories is subject to your own wishes.

Category overview

In your tenant settings, you can create and manage the category settings under "Custom Properties".

Save these as "available for event" and "visible" and create them in all languages that are required for your platform.

custom properties backstage few

After creating an event, you can assign the event you created to a category in the event settings under "custom properties".

Category dropdown




Search bar  

You can use the search bar to search for specific events.

Event search bar




Upcoming events and past events 

Your events will be sorted into these two categories based on the date of the event. Thus, the STREAMBOXY video platform can also be used to serve users as a media library after the event by providing the event recordings.

 Events in the near future or in the past




More information and event registration 

To view more information about an event and to register for it, click on "More information" for the desired event.

Events more information

The event overview opens with a detailed description of the event. There the participant can register for the event by clicking on the "Sign Up" button.

 Register event

The participant is automatically created as an event user and can also log in to the event or log out via the platform.

Completed event registration




Share events 

If the event overview is open under "More information", the event can also be shared by email in the top left corner. Your e-mail program will open automatically with a new e-mail containing all the information about the event.

share event




Further information

If you have any questions about the STREAMBOXY video platform or the creation, please contact our support.