How do I configure a notification template?

Under menu item "Notification Templates" you will find various options to define different notification templates.

The possibilities are:

  • Double Opt In: Confirmation of registration with link (detailed information about Double Opt In can be found here.)
  • First Reminder: Reminder for the event 
  • Follow Up No Show: Template for linking to the recording of the event (if not participated in event) 
  • Follow Up Show: Template for linking to the recording of the event (if participated in event) 
  • Participant Invitation: Invitation for a participant 
  • Participant Reminder: Reminder for a participant 
  • Save the Date: Confirmation or rejection for the event 
  • SignUp Confirmation: Confirmation that registration has been approved (detailed information about registration approval can be found here.) 
  • SignUp Rejected: Information about registration rejection (detailed information about registration approval can be found here.) 
  • Speaker Invitation: Invitation for a speaker 
  • Speaker Reminder: Reminder for a speaker 
  • User OTP: Template for sending a one-time password for authentication

Click on the arrow to the left of the category to open a tab showing templates that have already been created. If no template has been created yet, "No saved template yet" will be there.

No saved template yet

Durch Klicken auf das rechte Icon, können Sie eine neue Vorlage erstellen.

Multilingualism Notification Templates

Before you can create or edit the notification template, you must first select the language for the template. Here you can choose between the five languages German, English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Furthermore, you can choose between five custom notification templates. These can also be customized as desired, initially they are pre-filled in English.

Template possibilities

After selecting a language, the system creates a template under the appropriate category. 

created template

Now you have two options: 

  • Clicking the X icon deletes the template. For the final deletion you have to confirm the deletion.
    Delete template 
  • The template can be edited by clicking on the edit icon.
    Edit template