What does this article say?

This article explains how you can download the survey results of a completed survey in your tenant (STREAMBOXY Backstage). 

Where can I export the survey results?

The survey results can be exported by the admin or event administrator in the STREAMBOXY Backstage (in your tenant) in two places.
1. In the event overview under the three points.
event overview

2. In the event settings in the dashboard overview under reports.

Structure of the export of the survey results (Results overview)

These exported survey results can be opened in Microsoft Excel.


Please note that the column titles and the automatically filled-in fields only appear in English. 

In this Excel document, the following columns are filled with information from the event users and can be viewed by you: 

  • Question 
    The question you have asked is displayed here.

  • Answer 
    Hier wird die Gewinnerantwort der jeweiligen Frage angezeigt.

    Sollten in dieser Spalte "Tie:" mit mehreren Antworten stehen gab es zwischen diesen Antwortmöglichkeiten ein Unentschieden.

  • Votes
    The number of votes cast is displayed here.

Structure of the export of the survey results (more pages)

In the following pages, each survey is listed separately so that the survey responses can be viewed and analysed more easily.

The pages in Excel can be scrolled through and managed in the bottom bar.

Note: To ensure an anonymous vote, the information about which participant has responded will be available if at least 5 users have voted.