What is the Login?

In order to participate in an event in STREAMBOXY, in most cases your identity must be verified (authentication). This step happens during the session onboarding.

This article describes the most common cases, due to the strong customizability of STREAMBOXY, the session login may differ greatly.

In this case, please contact your user or Event Support.

Session Login Variants

Depending on your organizers settings there are two main ways to log in:

  1. Personal access link: The link sent to you is intended only for you and already contains a key with which you are uniquely identified.  
  2. Single Sign On: In this case, they will be redirected to the login page of your organization and will enter the STREAMBOXY Stage after successful login. (For example at Microsoft)

Personal access Link

Attention: The access link does not correspond to the event link, so it can not be copied fro mthe URL of your event.

To open the access link, got to the event email in your inbox.

access Link

Now navigate to the button "Join Online Session", click on it and the event will open in your browser. 
Note: Wording of the button may differ as it can be edited by the organizers.

Paticipate in Online Session

Login via Single Sign On (Sample Microsoft account)

To register for a STREAMBOXY session with a Microsoft account, you need a link to the event.

In most cases, you will receive this link through a STREAMBOXY invitation or an email from your organization.

When you open the link, you will be redirected to the login page.

Login Screen

If you have not directly been redirected Select "Sign-In with Microsoft Account". This will redirect you to Microsoft's single sign-on (sso) page and allow you to sign in with your Microsoft account.

Microsoft Login