What is the onboarding experience?

Onbarding describes the steps required to get from an Invitation Link (for example via E-Mail) to the Session Interface (Stage) with all the Session`s content.

The onboarding experience be very different depending on the configuration by the session organizer. 

In the most cases the onboarding takes place after the user clicked on a Access Link which was sent to him via E-Mail.

It may also be initiated after anonymous access, self service sign up, 3rd party system handover or by a single sign on (entering your access data once).

Sample Onboarding experience

Open the Access Link from your E-Mail

You will receive an e-mail with an access link directly to the Session.

After klicking the button "Join Online Session" you are in the onboarding experience or login. 

Hint: This E-Mail can be customized by the organizer, it may look different in your environment.

acces Link


Depending on your organizers settings there are two main ways to log in:

  1. Login via personal access link. The link described above is only ment to be used by you and contains a key that uniquely identifies you. No further login is required
  2. Login via Single Sign On (Login with existing organization accounts): In this case you will be redirected to your organisations sign in page and can continue in STREAMBOXY after a sucessfull sign up there.

Further Information regarding the Login can be found here

Password Prompt

Depending on the configuration, either a session password or a one-time password can be requested.

Session Password

The session password is the same password for all session users and can be created by the organizer and will be communicated to you before the event (e.g. by e-mail). Enter this password in the empty field of the window that opens and click on "Submit".

Session Password

One Time Password

The requested password can also be a One Time Password.

In this case you will automatically be redirected to the one-time password entry page.

One Time Passwrod

Once you are on this page, the necessary one-time password will be sent in the background, so you will receive another email with the one-time password, which you can now enter in the input field. Clicking the "Submit" button will take you to your event.

Password email

Acces Code


The one-time password is sent whenever you want to join the session and is valid only once

If you refresh the page or request a new one-time password by clicking on "Request new password", a new one-time password is sent and the older ones become invalid.

Answer (acceptance and cancellation)

One possible email you may receive is an invitation to an event. In this you can provide feedback in the form of an acceptance or cancellation using the corresponding buttons.

accept or cancellation buttons

Cancellation is also possible via the button in the footer of some emails.

After a cancellation, your data will not be automatically deleted, but only your access to the event and the associated email will be deactivated.

Terms and Privacy Statement

Before you can join the session with the access link you must agree to the privacy policy and the terms and conditions. 

This step is only necessary if the terms are not already accepted, i.e. during self service sign up.

Terms and Conditions

This page can be fully customized. More information can be found here.

Tech Check 

After that, the Tech Check takes place. 

You can find more information about the Tech Check here.

Session Interface (Stage)

After that you will enter the session Interface (Stage) with all the session's content.

An overview about the session interface can be found here