What is the Session Login?

In order to take part in a Streamboxy Session, in the most cases your identity must be verified (authentication).

This is a step in the session onboarding process.

This article describes the most common cases, due to the extensive customizability of Streamboxy your session login may work completly different.

In this case please contact your user or event suuport.

Session Login Variants

Depending on your organizers settings there are two main ways to log in:

  1. Login via personal access link. The link described above is only ment to be used by you and contains a key that uniquely identifies you. No further login is required
  2. Login via Single Sign On (Login with existing organization accounts): In this case you will be redirected to your organisations sign in page and can continue in streamboxy after a sucessfull sign up there.

Login via Microsoft account

To login for a Streamboxy session with a Microsoft account, you need a link to the session that looks similar to the link below and contains "stage" and "session".

This link will be sent to you via a Streamboxy E-Mail Invitation or via a E-Mail from your organization.

When you open the link, you will be redirected to the Streamboxy login page, directly to the Microsoft Login Page or to your organization's login page

If you have not directly been redirected Select "Sign-In with Microsoft Account". This will redirect you to Microsoft's single sign-on (sso) page and allow you to sign in with your Microsoft account.

Login via Access Link

If you clicked on the "Participate in online session" button in the invitation E-Mail and were redirected directly to the dialog page for the privacy policy or directly into the session, you were logged in via an access link. 

Caution! Frequent error:

The access link does not correspond to the session link, so you cannot simply copy the URL from a running session.

To get the access link, open the e-mail.

Now navigate to the button "Participate in online session" and right click on the button.

In the open menu click on "Copy hyperlink".

Now you can paste the access link into the browser of your choice.

To check that it is indeed a login by an access link, check if your link contains the AccessKey part

If the copied link is shorter, you need to authenticate with a Microsoft or your organization's account.