What is a livestream?

Find detailed information about livestreams on STREAMBOXY here.

Livestream duration limitation

If you create a session with a live stream, there is a duration limitation: for livestreams longer than 25 hours no recording can be saved

Affected session types are:

  1. Live stream
    session type livestream
  2. Conference with activated recording
    session type conference


If you have a multiple day event with a live stream and want to have a recording, you'll have to create the main session as a content page and then create sub session with live stream for each day. 

To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to "Agenda and breakouts" menu item
    agenda and session settings

  2. Click on "Add agenda item"Add new Agenda Item

  3. Select start and end time for the first day by clicking on date picker button
    new agenda item settings

  4. Click on "Add room"
    add room

  5. Select "Live stream" type

  6. Repeat for every day on which you want to have a live stream. Please note that all agenda items have to be within the session time span.