A core feature of STREAMBOXY is the ability to provide a livestream via the platform to a group of participants.

With a livestream, you can easily and quickly stream your production to a wide audience.

The detailed process to stream a livestream to STREAMBOXY can be found here.

The livestream is one of the four session types in STREAMBOXY. To get an overview which session types are there, click here.


For the livestream you need either an encoding software (e.g. OBS) or a hardware encoder (e.g. Blackmagic ATEM Mini) that transmits your image and sound recordings to STREAMBOXY via RTMPS protocol.

Limitations / Restrictions

STREAMBOXY as a cloud platform does not have any limitation of participants for live streams. So you have the possibility to reach as many participants as you want with your production.

The technical parameters are a format of 1080p (Full-HD) and a maximum of 30 frames per second. Other formats can also be realised on request.

Backstage Options

Start player unmuted

If you activate this option, the player that displays the livestream starts directly with activated sound. 

If this option is not activated, the participants are informed that the player is muted. The participant then has the option of activating the sound with a corresponding button.

Prevent pause

If this option is activated, the live stream can no longer be interrupted. You can control this by checking in the player whether only the "Live" symbol is displayed at the bottom left.

Prohibit full screen

With this option you can prevent participants from seeing the livestream on the full screen. This way, the desired branding that is around the player window remains visible to all participants.

Show recording


If you want to make the entire stream available to your audience after the livestream, activate this option. As soon as the livestream has ended, a recording is then available for the participants to see.

After the end of your livestream, the your recording(s) can be managed  in the backstage.

The creation of your livestream recording can take several hours depending on the length of the live stream.


Manage Videos

 When you click the button "Manage Videos", a side panel opens with a list of all recorded live streams in the respective session.

 If the live stream is not encoded, a "Prepare for Download" button is displayed.

Click "Prepare for Download" and the status will change to "Recording is being prepared".

A download button is displayed for encoded live streams.

Analyse recording (preview function)

With this function, you can have your audio recording analysed after the livestream has ended. A transcription is created that allows you to search for keywords in the recording. 

You will then be shown the corresponding passages in the entire recording in which your keyword occurs in the audio recording.

In addition, an automatic subtitle of your livestream is created based on AI during the analysis. This subtitle is permanently implemented in the STREAMBOXY stage. 

However, the subtitle is not included when downloading a recording. 

To permanently "burn" the subtitle into the video, the subtitle must be removed from the stage.  

If you need the recording for an additional analysis, we can manually provide a JSON file with the subtitle, which can be edited.

Maximum rewind window in minutes

With the Maximum rewind window you can set how many minutes you can rewind in the livestream (e.g. Maximum rewind window in minutes: 5 -> the last 5 minutes are available). 

If you have activated the recording, you can navigate through the complete recording after the livestream.   

Maximum bitrate

The maximum bit rate includes the setting of the bit rate with which your participant receives the live stream during the event.

This setting is independent of the upstream speed and should be selected taking into account the respective technical conditions of the event participant.

Reducing the maximum bit rate makes sense if many participants are accessing the stream via the same internet connection or from the same network (company network), so that the connection/company network is not overloaded.


More manual options

In addition to the standard functions, it is possible to configure advanced manual options on request.

Failover stream

If you want to protect your stream with redundancy, there is the option to set this up manually. Switching to the redundant stream is then done via a separate request to the STREAMBOXY API.

Provision of recording

On request, we can provide you with the recordings of your production for download. The download URL is usually available in your videoplatformfor one week.

Multilingualism in the livestream

If you want to include several audio tracks/languages in your stream in parallel, this is possible with manual configuration. 

Participants then have the option of selecting between the individual languages in the player.


If you already have a recorded video and would like to present it to a group of participants, STREAMBOXY can provide you with a playout of your video.

The file is played manually via an encoder at the desired time. For your participants, the impression of a live stream can be simulated in this way.


As a cloud platform, we can secure your livestream via geo-redundancy. This means that the video hosting of your redundant stream is handled by another data center.

In this way, your stream is secured independently of the main data centre.