What is in this article?

In the following article, the individual notification template is described in terms of its functionality and various configuration options.

The following contents are included in the article: 

  • What is a custom mail template?
  • Where can I find mail templates?
  • How do I configure a mail template?
    • Multilingual mail templates
    • Editing the templates (Editor Mode, HTML Mode)
  • Send test email

What is a custom mail template?

You can create and edit email templates that can be used to automatically send emails for various occasions. The enumeration of the different possibilities can be found further down in the following article. 

The event users of the corresponding event are informed with the desired email. Among other things, BCC recipients can also be specified, who will then be informed about the corresponding content when an email has been sent.

There are numerous individual customisation options that allow you to communicate your CI and your branding already in the email dispatch.

Where can I find the mail templates?

Starting point is the STREAMBOXY Backstage.

In the general notification templates event settings you have the option to select the language of your notification template.

Here you can choose between the five languages German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and CUSTOM 1-5.

In addition, the mailing can be automated based on the notification templates created in the event settings.

Attention: Please note that in case of an event user installation, the language of the notification template can be assigned individually for each user. In this case, the corresponding notification templates must also be adapted to your requirements, otherwise the STREAMBOXY standard template will be sent.

Then click on the "Notification Templates" tab in the navigation bar that opens.

Notification overview

How do I configure a mail template?

Under the menu item "Custom mail templates" you will find various options for defining mail templates. 

For more detailed information on configuring notification templates, see our linked documentation article.

Editing Mail Template

In edit mode, the email notification templates can be customized.

The templates can be edited with the following options:

  1. Template name: Here the template name can be edited. 
  2. BCC recipients: Here additional email addresses can be added to notify more people of this email. If multiple BCC recipients are to be added, separate the emails with a ";". 
  3. Email Subject: Here the email subject of the template can be edited. 
  4. Attach a Calendar Invitation: A calendar invitation can be added to the email template here. The recipient will receive a file with the email invitation, which will then make the appointment visible in the recipient's calendar. 
  5. Select date format: According to the selected language, the spelling of the date format sent in the email adapts to the event. 
  6. Mode switch (Editor mode or HTML mode) 
  7. Saving a template: Here the template can be saved. 
  8. Resetting a template: Here the template can be reset to its initial state.

For more information on editing notification templates, see our documentation article.

Send test e-mail

You can send a test email at any time and have immediate visual feedback for your notification template configurations.

For more information on sending test emails, see our documentation article.