To remove a participant from an ongoing session, you must remove the participant from the participant overview in the backstage area.

To do this, click on "Edit event users" user in your session overview for the session concerned. 

Edit event User

If you have already created or imported your event users, an overview of all session users appears here.

Find detailed information about user registration and participant management here.

Event Users overview

Here, find the user you want to remove from the session and select "Delete" in the dialogue box on the right. The dialogue box appears after clicking on the three dots at the end of the line.


If the session is already running and the participant is logged into the session, he/she will be removed from the session immediately and the following dialogue box will be displayed:

Remove users from agenda room

If you have activated individual room permissions for an agenda room, you can define which users can see and use the room.

Find detailed information about setting and configuring individual room permissions here.

Session Permissions

Visualization in the Stage

If a participant is authorised for a room, he or she will see the breakout room (button "Switch to room") in the agenda in the stage and can join and use it. 

If a participant's authorisation for the breakout room is revoked by clicking on "Delete" and confirming the deletion by clicking on "Submit" (see above) and if the participant was in the breakout room at the time of deletion, he/she will be moved back to the main session (lobby). 

In addition, the breakout room is no longer visible in the agenda.