Whats in this article?

This article describes how you can conduct high available Livestreams across different data Centers.

How does high available Streaming work?

Critical STREAMBOXY components are distributed across thre different data centers and always online.

These ere equipped with dedicated Internet, Power and Cooling and are located in different physical buildings.

The datacenters are kept in sync using a high availbale Fiber Connection nad take over once a data center goes down.

STREAMBOXY livestreams can be streamed in two data centers simultaneously, this allows another Data Center to take over once a Data Center, Interne Connection or Encoder goes down.


  1. You have thwo identical live Encoders that are configured with the same streaming parameters
  2. Ideally both encoders are connected to the internet using different connections
  3. Changing the encoder configuration once the stream was started can impact the Stream in a negative way. Reset the stream using the STREAMBOXY reset feature (described below) if you have changed encoder settings

Configure a high available upstream

Configuring a high available upstream works like configuring a standard livestream.

You just have to do the exact same steps using a second Encoder.

More details regarding the configuration of Livestreams can be found in this article.

Important: Booth Encoders must be from Same Manufacturer/Type and be configured identical.

What happens in case of an outage?

Booth Encoder Streams are monitored during the Stream.

If one Encoder / Internet Connection / Data Center goes down, the second Encoders signal will beused.

If the first Encoder comes back online, it is automatically the backup for the other encoder.

If the second one goes down now, the first one takes over again.