This article describes how to configure an RTMP upstream in your STREAMBOXY videoplatform and which encoder settings are required.

  1. You have a Live Encoder that outputs RTMPs, is TLS 1.2 capable and supports Constant Bitrate Streaming - CBR (e.g. Telestream Wirecast from 13.0.2, OBS Studio, VMIX, Cambria Live from 4.3, FFmpeg, Haivision KB)
    Due to serveral negative experiences, we currently don't recommend Restream in combination with STREAMBOXY.

  2. Your internet upstream speed is at least 12 Mbits für a fluid 1080p stream with 30 Frames per second

  3. Your firewall allows outgoing TCP-Connections over port 2935 and 2936 (RTMPS), optional as Fallback TCP-Port 1935 and 1936 (RTMP)

  4. You have created a Livestreamin STREAMBOXY and have the authorization to manage the upstream (You are at least speaker)

In case of problems and malfunctions during your livestream, you will find possible causes, possible solutions and recommendations in our Livestream Troubleshooting Guide

Caution: Livestreams without conncected encoder will be stopped after 4 hours.

Proven upstream settings

Below we have compiled a list of proven settings for a good upstream result for you

Stream URL/Server URL Copy the Upstream URL from STREAMBOXY (see below)
Stream Key (Sometimes required by OBS or other encoders) Default
Output resolution 1920 x 1080 alternatively 1280x720
Streaming Bitrate (Constant Bitrate - CBR) 6.000 Kbps (Your internet connection should provide at least the double upstream speed)
Keyframe Interval 2 sec
Framerate max 30 Fps
Video Codec H.264
Audio Bitrate min 160 Kbps
Audio Sample Rate 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
Audio Codec AAC-LC, HE-AACv1 or HE-AACv2

Streaming Best Practices

Stream Connection

  • Use a wired connection if possible and make sure your connection has at least the double amount of upstream bandwidth of your planned streaming bitrate
  • Check, especially in corporate networks if your Streaming Ports are not blocked by a firewall 
  • Use a second identical Encoder with another Internet Connection and STREAMBOXY's high available Livestream feature.

Stream Stability 

  • If you are using a software encoder, please close all other unnecessary programs
  • Changing the encoder configuration once the stream was started can impact the Stream in a negative way. Reset the stream using the STREAMBOXY reset feature (described below) if you have changed encoder settings
  • Test and validate new Encoder Hard- or Software versions before you use them in production. The Encoders described here, are not regularly checked for updates, etc.
  • Monitor your Streaming Hardware resources (CPU, RAM, etc.), since encoding may exhaust your hardware resources

Stream execution and organization

  • Conduct a dry run a few days prior to your event, this included in the STREAMBOXY license and ensures that you are ready and rehearsed when its showtime
  • Reserve some time to get everything ready for setting up the stream. We recommend starting the streaming in preview mode 30-60 min before showtime
  • Start your stream at least 15 minutes before the program start for Attendees and play Trailer etc. as a placeholder which should contain audio or background music
    This allows Attendees to check Video and Audio and maybe get some support before the main program starts
  • Check the Attendee experience with a dedicated device, so that you can check what everyone is currently seeing
  • Distribute Video- & Sound- Operation and content moderation to different people so that everyone can focus on their job

Static Upstream URLs

  • STREAMBOXY offers static upstream endpoints within specific conditions. Rule of thumb: You get a new set of URLs every time you reset your session.
  • You can avoid resetting your session, by pausing your upstream.
    • Request your URLs, configure your encoder and try upstreaming or dry run your production setup. If you want to keep your upstream URLs do not change the sessions state to 'Running', but pause your upstream.
  • Please always reset your session if you want to stream with changed encoder settings, especially after a change in resolution, FPS or bitrate.

Setting up, starting, and ending of Streams in STREAMBOXY

Gather the Upstream Key in STREAMBOXY

A Livestream can be played either in the main room or in individual breakout rooms. In case you want to start a Livestream in a Breakout Room, you need to navigate there first.

Open the Room for speaker

To request the upstream URL, the room must be opened for speakers. This allows anyone with this role to make the streaming settings and view the preview.

  1. Open the STREAMBOXY Stage as Speaker or Administrator and Navigate to the desired Breakout room with the Livestream

  2. Open the Session Administration Panel using the Tools Icon in the left navigation bar.

  3. Click on the Button "Open Room"

The following panel appears with the stream URL. The upstream URL is automatically generated directly and displayed as the primary and secondary upstream URL. 

The Secondary upstream URL allows you to send a Backup Stream in case one encoder, internet connection or Datacenter goes down.

Please note that booth upstream encoders & configurations need to be identical in order for a failover to work. 

You'll find more information abou high available livestreams in this article.

These can then be copied to the clipboard by clicking on the copy field and then used for the configuration of the encoder

Start Upstream

Click on the button "Start Upstream". 


Please start the upstream in STREAMBOXY before you start it in your encoders. Starting the stream can take up to 40 minutes.

Otherwise some encoder might have problems resolving the Stream Url due to DNS caching.

In case you run in that issue you can manually empty dns caches. For Software encoder see this guide (external Link).

Daraufhin werden Sie, sofern noch nicht geschehen, aufgefordert den Livestream in Ihrer Streaming Software zu starten. 

Detaillierte Informationen zum Starten des Livestreams mit verschiedenen Softwares finden Sie in der Verlinkung. 

If you have not already done so, you will be asked to start the livestream in your streaming software. 

Detailed information on starting the livestream with different software can be found in the link.

Configure and start your encoder with the upstream URL

Configure the encoder with the generated upstream URL and start the stream.

We recommend the freeware OBS Studio as software encoder, because of the simple configuration of OBS Studio for STREAMBOXY.

As soon as you have started the live stream in your streaming software, this will be displayed in the stage. 

Please note that it may take a few seconds to display the live stream. 

The preview is only visible for speakers and administrators, participants cannot see the preview. 

Stage when Upstream has been started:

Please note that the preview to show up can take few seconds.

Check the preview in STREAMBOXY

After successful configuration and start of the stream in the encoder, you will see the preview of the stream.

The preview is only displayed to you and all other speakers or administrators, the participants still see a waiting screen.

The functions of the Livestream Preview Player are identical to the functions of the Participant Player. 

Stage when the preview of the livestream is displayed:

Pause live stream

If you've happy with the preview but not want to start the live stream for participants right away, you can pause the upstream. In this case, the live stream stays provisioned and it won't take a long time to start it again. 

In paused state the live stream won't receive the upstream from your streaming software. If you want to start the upstream again, you can click on "Resume upstream" button.

Depending on your streaming software it might be able to continue upstreaming without any interaction or you might have to restart the upstream manually.

Start live stream for participants and recording

You can only start the live stream for participants after connecting to an encoder. To start for participants, click on the button "Start livestream for participants".

From now on, the participants will also see the livestream. In addition, the recording is started from this point. 5.

Ending the livestream

We recommend ending the STREAMBOXY session in the encoder before ending the stream. This ensures a better participant experience and a clean end to the recorded stream.

To end the livestream in STREAMBOXY, click the "End livestream for participants" button.

This ends the stream for the participants as well as the recording of the stream.

Confirm the end of the live stream by clicking on "Yes". 

After the Livestream

After the end of the Livestream, you and your participants will immediately see the recording if the Session is configured to show recordings. 

If you have selected the Analyze Video option, the transcript will appear shortly (this usually takes as long as the stream itself lasted).

You can also decide now if you want to hide/show the recording or you want to delete the recording. 

You can also permanently deactivate the session or reset the session to the stat planned, in case you accidentally closed the session.

Reset session

You can reset the session at any time after "opening the room" by clicking on the "Reset session" button and then confirming this. 

This will take you to the point where you must first open the room.