What is this article about?

This article explains how to configure the notification settings in the STREAMBOXY Backstage.

For more information about the event creation and general event settings, click here.

What can I configure under the notification settings?


In the "Notification template" section, you can select the default language of the template variants for sending e-mails. You can create and edit the templates in the Tenant settings. 

Here you can choose between five default languages (German, English, Spanish, French and Italian) and five custom templates that your template variants should have for sending e-mails to participants. You can create and edit the templates in the Tenant settings.

You can find more information about the notification templates and its multilingualism here.


Send an e.mail

The "Send e-mail" button allows you to send individual notification types directly to your selected target group.

Send an e-mail

Create automated email

On the right you can add an automated e-mail to the "Create automated e-mail" button.

Add automated e-mail

The following setting options are available there: 


In the text field the title of the template variant can be changed.


Notification type

Select a notification template for automated sending.

You can select the dispatch time for the following template variants:

  • Save the date: Confirmation or cancellation for the event. 
  • 1st reminder: Reminder for the event 
  • Participant reminder: Reminder for a participant 
  • Speaker reminder: reminder for a speaker
  • Follow up show: template for linking to the recording of the event (if participated in event) 
  • Follow up no show: template for linking to the recording of the event (if not participated in event) 

Follow up show / no show emails are also sent to on-site attendees for hybrid events.

Notification Types

Target audience

Select your target audience, which should automatically receive the selected notification template.

Target audience

Sending status

Before sending, the status is displayed as "Pending". After sending, the status changes to "Send".

Sending status

Enable notifications

Check the "Enable Notification" box to turn on the settings you made for the time of sending.

You can now also decide whether the email notification should be sent "Before the event" or "After the event".

Notification activated


Click on the drop-down menu and select the desired time of dispatch.

Here you can choose between "15 minutes before", "30 minutes before", "1 hour before", "1 day before" or "Custom".

If you select After event, the time will be based on the pre-set end time of your event.


To set your own dispatch time, click on the "Custom" option.

You can then specify your desired time interval in minutes in the screen that appears. 

By default, 30 minutes are entered here.

Please note that the custom time interval must be between 15 minutes and 14 days (20160 minutes). 

If you specify a number of minutes outside the range, the following warning will be displayed.

There you have the possibility to adjust the desired time interval with the arrow keys or to enter it via your computer keyboard.

Custom Interval

You also have the possibility to set your time interval in "minute(s)", "hour(s)", "day(s)" or "week(s)".


Once you have made your settings for the respective template variants, click "Confirm" to save them.

Edit automated emails

Click on the pencil icon to the right of the desired automated template variant to edit it.



Delete automated emails

Click the X icon to the right of the desired automated template variant to delete it.

Deleted templates will be permanently deleted for the event.