What is an attendance export?

After the end of a session, an export of the attendances is possible. This file provides information about users' attendances during the event.

Because the times are given in UTC, there may be discrepancies with the actual event time depending on the time zone settings you have made. 

The presence export consists of three components: General Attendances (Presence Report), Connections, On Site Check Ins, and single Session attendances (Subsession 1, Subsession 2, etc.).

General attendances

The general attendances are the first spreadsheet in the export (Presence Report).

presence report

The general attendances provide information on how long each user was present during the event.

The following data is provided: 

  • connected time before the event (MinutesConnectedBeforeSession).
  • connected time during the event (MinutesConnectedRunningSession)
  • connected time after the event (MinutesConnectedEndedSession)
  • Percentage of attendance during the event (Percentage) - That is, if the event took place from 11:00 to 12:00 and the participant was present from 11:00 to 11:30, then they were present 50% of the time.
  • External Key
  • Double Opt In Status (DoubleOptInState) - Under this column, the Double Opt In status is indicated. For more information on Double Opt In, click here
  • Created by - Who created the user
  • Created at - Date and time the user was created
  • Modified by - Who last modified the user
  • Modified at - Date and time the user was last modified
  • Checked In On Site - In the case of a hybrid event, this column shows whether the user was a participant on site (TRUE) or not (FALSE).
  • Abandoned Eaarly - If the User was less than 80% of the Session time present, this is set to true


The connections can be seen in the export in the second worksheet (Connections).


The connections provide information on how often and from when to when a participant was connected.

Reasons for multiple connections for the same participant can be disconnections or a repeated joining at a later time.

For example, the participant "The Speaker" joined again 9 minutes after leaving the session (end of first connection: 9:49:34; start of second connection: 9:58:13).

Connections excel

CheckIns (relevant for hybrid event)

The on-site check-ins can be seen in the third spreadsheet.

CheckIns (relevant for hybrid event)

In this spreadsheet you can see where and when an on-site participant in a hybrid event has changed to another room.

If the SessionName is empty, the participant has logged into the event in general.

CheckIns (relevant for hybrid event)

Session attendances

In the export, the session attendances are all spreadsheets from the fourth spreadsheet onwards.

Session attendances

Generally, each export has the main session as a fourth spreadsheet.

Generally, each export has the main session as a fourth spreadsheet

If agenda rooms have been created, a spreadsheet with the attendances in the individual agenda rooms is also created for each agenda room.

agenda rooms

If a user has not joined a session, this is marked in the export by the value "FALSE" (german: "FALSCH") in the LoggedIn column.

not joined session