Where can I find the setting options of the user registration?

As an organizer you can configure the user registration in the STREAMBOXY Backstage

There you click on "Edit session".

Edit Session

Under the item "User Sign-up" you will find the possibility to activate the user registration for your use case.  

User sign up

There are four setting options:

  • Nobody (access to the stage is only possible with a backstage access, therefore not activated)
  • Registered (Tenant) Users (This setting is only possible with the use of the STREAMBOXY portal; if you are interested in a customised STREAMBOXY portal, please contact us with your requirements
  • Anonymous User (User registration via registration link)
  • Direct access (registration with just the name and direct event entrance)

Now to enable user self-registration for your use case, click on one of the displayed boxes.

Further information necessary for the configuration of the user registration will appear.

Registered (Tenant) Users

This setting is only possible when using the STREAMBOXY portal.  

Your participants can register in the portal and have access not only to one event, but to all events and content for which they are authorised.

Please note: This function can only be used with a linked ticketing programme.

Check this box if your attendees have to log in to a hybrid event with a ticketing programme (e.g. Passcreator) and this status must be listed both during the event in the stage and after the event in the reporting. 

For more information on linking a ticketing programme for hybrid events, please contact our supportteam.

Hybrid event

The selection registered (Tenant) users has the following setting options 

  • Invite e-mail after registration / approval is completed
  • Send reminders before event
  • Sign-up approval
  • Hybrid Event: On-site participants after registration

The emails are sent according to your notification template settings with the ticked boxes.

registered (Tenant) User settings

According to your settings of the custom mail templates, with the hooks set, the emails will be sent.

Anonymus user registration

The Anonymous selection has extensive setting options with which you can create a user registration form as a landing page, which has been directly linked to your event. 

The components of the anonymous user registration are:

  • Registration link
  • Embed code
  • Custom description for terms approval
  • Show summary 
  • Double Opt In 
  • Redirect after registration is completed 
  • On site participants after registration
  • Whitelisting 
  • Form Editor

The setting options for anonymous user registration can be read in the linked article.

Direct access

Selecting Direct access allows your participants to access your event without a comprehensive registration form. When registering, only the name is entered to ensure that interaction tools such as the chat or Q&A can still be used.

An email address is generated automatically. For this reason, no mailings can be sent to participants using this registration method. 

After entering their name and data protection information, participants will be forwarded directly to the event. 

If the browser window is closed, the participant can only take part in the event again by registering again.

Direct access