What does this article describe?

This article describes Teams interoperability, a deep integration of Microsoft Teams that allows you to connect the STREAMBOXY conference to a Microsoft Teams meeting.

What is the Teams-interoperability?

You can connect the STREAMBOXY conference to a Microsoft Teams meeting, so you can join the same meeting both via Microsoft Teams and via the STREAMBOXY conference. Each participant can thus use the entry point into the conference that is familiar to them. Internal employees or speakers join via the Microsoft Teams appointment in their calendar, while your customers use STREAMBOXY's fully CI-compliant web conference to join the meeting. 

The following scenario is conceivable:

  • Internal company participants use the usual infrastructure and use an MS Teams calendar invitation.
  • External participants are invited via STREAMBOXY and use STREAMBOXY's smooth and secure access mechanisms. Remember: You can completely whitelabel your user's access route - whether domain or corporate identity, you receive your external users with the design of your choice

What enables Teams-interoperability?

Microsoft Teams interoperability gives you deep integration of the Microsoft Teams communication tool into the extensive STREAMBOXY event solution.


All of the well-known applications of STREAMBOXY and Microsoft Teams, such as conference recording, are possible as a result. Internal employees work as usual with Microsoft Teams, while your (external) customers can join the meeting via STREAMBOXY without additional software, but with your individual company CI. The participant management is done simply via the already known possibilities of STREAMBOXY.


More information about the participant management options of STREAMBOXY.

What are the limitations of Teams-interoperability?

Please note the following limitations when using Microsoft Teams interoperability:

  • The chat or Q&A messages generated in STREAMBOXY are not shared in MS Teams (and vice versa).
  • The conference authorization models only work within the conference. The rights model from STREAMBOXY is also not transferred to teams or to their participants. For this reason, the use of Teams interoperability is recommended even without participant rights restrictions.
  • Convenience conference functions (spotlight, have a hand, etc.) also only work within conference.
  • Microsoft Teams Interoperability session recording is done through Microsoft Teams itself.

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