What does this article say? 

This article describes the integration possibilities of CRM and marketing tools, such as HubSpot with STREAMBOXY.

STREAMBOXY offers you an interface to integrate HubSpot directly into your event or your invitation management.

What does the HubSpot integration offer:

STREAMBOXY HubSpot integration represents one of the options for integrating CRM and event-marketing tools on STREAMBOXY platform.


The integration makes it possible to syncContacts, and usage data with HubSpot.

Adding attendees to a STREAMBOXY event. The action can be configured with the following parameters:

  • STREAMBOXY event
  • Participant first name
  • Participant last name
  • Participant  Email
  • Participant  Event Role
  • Send a STREAMBOXY invite
  • Send STREAMBOXY reminder

Creation of HubSpot Marketing Events based on STREAMBOXY Events. Once enabled, events created in the STREAMBOXY tenant will be written to the HubSpot marketing event data. This is required for writing back participant participation data. The following information is transmitted between STREAMBOXY and HubSpot:

  • Event name
  • Start date time
  • End date time
  • Description
  • URL to Manage the Event in STREAMBOXY Backstage

Attendance data can be activated in the form of writebacks. Attendance data is written back to the HubSpot Marketing event once the event transitions to the Ended status. 
The following states are:


  • registered
  • attended

Important: Only the presences of people who are available as contact (matched via email) in HubSpot will be written to HubSpot.

Requirements for the HubSpot integration?

 First of all, a licensed HubSpot account is required for your HubSpot integration with STREAMBOXY, all further steps for integrating HubSpot can be found in this article.


Setup and configuration:

The setup and configuration forms the basis for all interactions between a STREAMBOXY tenant and HubSpot. Therefore, the following section will describe how you can connect HubSpot to STREAMBOXY.



Connect STREAMBOXY to HubSpot

Step 1 - Navigate to the Integrations section in STREAMBOXY 

In the tenant settings in the STREAMBOXY Backstage, click on "Integrations" in the left navigation bar. All platforms that can currently be integrated are listed in this tab - including HubSot.

Hubspot Integration backstage


Step 2 - Connect to HubSpot

To connect HubSpot to STREAMBOXY, click the orange "Configure" button to the right of the HubSpot icon.

A new window will open where you can now connect STREAMBOXY to the HubSpot integration. To do this, click the "Connect to HubSpot" button.

Before connecting to HubSpot, the status (in grey) is set to "Not connected to HubSpot". The settings are only taken into account after the connection.

Step 3 - Sign in to HubSpot

By clicking on the "Connect to HubSpot" button, a HubSpot window opens in which you can select your existing account or log in with your username and password. After entering your details, click on "Login".

Step 4 - STREAMBOXY is now connected to HubSpot

After you have logged in, STREAMBOXY is connected to HubSpot. The status (in grey) is now set to "Connected to HubSpot". If you want to disconnect, you can click the "Disconnect from HubSpot" button at any time.


After HubSpot is connected to STREAMBOXY, you can now edit the settings, enabling and disabling various syncing features.

Tick the respective boxes and configure the desired synchronization mechanism here.


Creating HubSpot Marketing Events for STREAMBOXY events

When enabled, HubSot Marketing Events can be linked to STREAMBOXY Events. 

From this point on every newly added STREAMBOXY Event will also create a HubSpot Marketing Event


Updating HubSpot Marketing events with Stremaboxy attendee status

If this option is activated, after the end of a HubSpot-connected STREAMBOXY event on HubSpot, the attendance state of the respective participants will be synchronized to your HubSpot marketing event.

You can use these in HubSpot for segmentation and targeted communication.


Create HubSpot "Contact Timeline Event" with presence status and on-site checked-in status

If this option is activated, after the end of a HubSpot-connected STREAMBOXY event in the respective contacts, the presence status (participated / checked-in or registered) can be viewed for the various contacts.

You can use these in HubSpot for segmentation and targeted communication.

How to Use the Integration


Creation of HubSpot marketing events for STREAMBOXY Events:

1. To view your marketing events on HubSpot, click the "Marketing" dropdown box in HubSpot and select the "Campaigns" sub-item.


2. All events are displayed under "Calendar".


Add Contacts to Streamboxy Events and retrieve Access Links

The following steps describe evertyhing you need to add Users to Streamboxy if they completed a HubSpot Event Sign Up Form and retrieve Access Links for accompanying E-Mail campaingns.  

  1. Create properties in HubSpot
  2. Create registration form
  3. Link form to workflow

a. Create new properties:

 1. In order to be able to assign different properties to the respective contacts, click on your settings.


2. On "Data Management" you can select various properties under "Properties".


3. A new property can be created under "Create property".




b. Create registration form:

1. If you want to create a new form at HubSpot, under "Marketing" click on "Lead Capture" and there on "Forms".

2. Under "Embedded form" you can add a "Registration Template".


3. Click on "Start" to display the "Contact properties" that have already been created and to be able to add texts. The title can also be edited there.



c. Link form to workflow:

1. To be able to link a form to your workflow, click on "Workflows" under "Automation".


2. There you can also create a new workflow with an individual title.


3. Once you have selected or created your workflow, you can apply your desired filter in the filter bar on the right.


4. Click on the plus to be able to add different actions for your workflow.


5. A contact can be added to your STREAMBOXY event under "Add Contact to Event". Enter the tenant ID, first name, last name, e-mail address, as well as the event role, the registration method and whether a reminder should be sent. In case the user already exists, Streamboxy does not send another reminder to the e-mail address, unless you set the value of "Always send an invitation E-Mail even though the user already exits in Streamboxy." to true.

6. Click on the plus again to "Copy property value" to retrieve the STREAMBOXY Links for further Processing.

STREAMBOXY, returns the following Links:

  • eventUserSsoUrl: This is a personalized URL for the single Event the Contact was just added to. This URL can i.e. be used for Mailings regarding this single event
  • tenantUserSsoUrl: This is a personalized URL for all Events of the Contact in STREAMBOXY. You cann use this URL to provide the contact with all Events the contact signed up to in STREAMBOXY


7. If desired, further individual HubSpot integrations can also be added there.


8. Once all settings have been made, save with "Review and publish".

9. You can now use the created form. Users that signed up using this form, are automatically added to Streamboxy and their access links will be writte back to the contact.




Updating HubSpot Marketing events with STREAMBOXY attendance status:

1. To see your attendee status (registered or attended) for HubSpot Marketing events, end the event in STREAMBOXY.


2. In HubSpot, click the "Contacts" dropdown box and select the "Contacts" sub-item.


3. Select your desired marketing event under "Contacts".

4. There you can see your attended and registered participants under "Event activity". You can also use this data for segmenting contacts in targeted mailings.
Important: Only the presences of people who are available as contact (matched via email) in HubSpot will be written to HubSpot.


HubSpot "Contact Timeline Event" with presence status:

1. To view the attendance status of your event attendees on HubSpot, click the "Contacts" dropdown box in HubSpot and select the "Contacts" sub-item.

2. Select a contact from which you want to see the presence status.




Further information:

We will be happy to help you set up HubSpot as part of your subscription.

For more information on the HubSpot integration, contact us here.