What does this article say?

This article explains which elements you can display in the STREAMBOXY Stage during your event and where you can configure these settings in the STREAMBOXY Backstage.

Where and what can I configure?

In the STREAMBOXY Backstage, after you have created an event, you can configure which elements are to be displayed in your event.

To do this, click on "Displayed elements" in the left-hand navigation bar in the settings for your event. 

Here you can currently place a check mark on six elements. The check marks can be set independently.

Activating the "Info- & Agenda Panel Visible" element adds two additional options, with which you can activate the following additional functionalities:

  • Make Info- & Agenda Panel visible to presenters only
  • Display time specifications in the agenda

Which elements can I show and hide?

The following is a brief overview of which elements can be shown or hidden. For illustration purposes, the screenshot from the STREAMBOXY stage shows (red frame) where each element is displayed or hidden. 

Top menu bar visible

If this element is ticked, the upper menu bar is displayed with the logo (if set), with the user menu (incl. language change) and the help menu. 

Top menu bar visible

User Panels visible

Setting a check mark on this element displays the menu bar, including the chat (if enabled) and the session participants. Disabling the panel without disabling the chat will keep the panel visible.

Help menu visible

When a check mark is set on this element, the help menu will be displayed.

Help menu visible

Info & agenda panel visible

When a check mark is set on this element, the info and agenda panel will be displayed.

Info- & Agenda Panel only visible for speakers

This option makes the info & agenda panel visible to speakers only. If no check mark is set on this element, the left panel will also be visible to participants.

Info & agenda panel visible

Agenda times visible

If this item is ticked, the start and end times for the agenda points are not displayed in the stage. 

Hide agenda times