In the general event settings you have the option to select the language of your notification template. Here you can choose between the notification templates you have created in the tenant settings.

Notifications event settings

Notification template

The language dropdown allows you to select one of your pre-created template variants for sending emails.

Attention: When creating different templates, the same template type must always be selected. For example, when sending a Save the date, participant reminder and speaker reminder email, the same template type (DE or EN etc.) must always be created in the notification templates.

Notification language

Configuration of automated e-mails

Select at which time the following e-mails should be sent automatically.

Configuration of automated emails

Click on the respective email that is to be sent automatically. A user interface opens where you can make the following settings.

Activate notification

If the check mark is set, the email template you have activated will be sent automatically with the settings made under it.Notification activated

Time of the email transmission

The email templates can be sent either automatically before or after the event.

before or after the event


In the interval settings, the exact time can be defined according to the set time of the email transmission. In the picture, the setting "Before the event" was made.


With the individual interval setting, the setting option for the individual time interval also appears. A value (example: 2) and the time setting (example: Week(s)) can be added.

Interval Specitication