In STREAMBOXY you have the option of adding merge tags to your notification templates.

The following merge tags are created with curly brackets {{placeholder}} and adapted according to the individual content of your event when the email is sent:

  • Event date (event start date)
  • Event start date (event start time)
  • Event end date (event end date)
  • Event end time (event end time)
  • Event name (event name)
  • Accept invitation (accept link)
  • Decline invitation (decline link)
  • Individual access link for participants (participation link)
  • Ticket link for onsite participants (onsite ticket link)
  • Participant name (participant name)
  • Recipient email (receiver email)
  • Company name (Company name)
  • User name (User name)
  • One-time password code (OTP code)
  • Attendee list (Backstage event user list link)
  • Number of attendees (Total attendee count)