What is in this article?

This article describes how to connect Salesforce with STREAMBOXY in order to leverage the Salesforce Integration Features.

If you are new to the topic, we suggest to read the Streamboxy Salesforce Integration - Overview article first.

Connect Salesforce and STREAMBOXY

The connection is the basis for all interactions between Streamboxy and Salesforce. Therefore, the following section will describe how to connect Salesforce to STREAMBOXY. 

Step 1 -  Navigate to the Integrations section of STREAMBOXY

In the Tenant settings in the STREAMBOXY Backstage, click on "Integrations" in the left navigation bar. In this tab, all platforms that are currently possible to integrate are listed - including Salesforce. 

integrations overview

Step 2 - Connect to Salesforce

To connect Salesforce with STREAMBOXY, click on the orange button "Configure" to the right of the Salesforce symbol. 

A new window will open where you can connect STREAMBOXY with the Salesforce integration. To do this, click on the button "Connect to Salesforce". 

Before connecting to Salesforce, the status (in grey) is set to "Not connected to Salesforce". The settings are only taken into account after the connection. 

Step 3 - Log in to Salesforce

By clicking on the button "Connect to Salesforce", a Salesforce window opens in which you can select your existing account or log in with your user name and password. After entering your data, click on "Log in". 

Step 4 - Granting permissions for STREAMBOXY Salesforce

After you have logged in to Salesforce, you still need to grant permissions for STREAMBOXY-Salesforce to establish a secure data connection. Press "Allow" to grant the permissions. 

The STREAMBOXY-Salesforce integration will run in the context of the user who granted the permissions. 

Step 5 - STREAMBOXY is now connected to Salesforce

After you have granted the permissions, STREAMBOXY is connected to Salesforce. The status (in grey) is now set to "Connected to Salesforce". If you want to disconnect, you can click on the button "Disconnect from Salesforce" at any time.