What is in this article?

This article describes the integration possibilities Salesforce with STREAMBOXY

STREAMBOXY offers you an interface to integrate CRM and event-marketing tools - directly into your event and attendee management. 

What does the STREAMBOXY-Salesforce integration offer?

Since every organization is unique in their business requirements, their Salesforce environment and integration requirements can look very different.
Therefore Salesforce integration is designed to provide you with the maximum of versatility instead of a less flexible but easier to setup solution. 
To get you up and running quickly with common scenarios, we provide you with documentation and samples.

Data can flow from Salesforce to Streamboxy and vice versa and you can leverage salesforce native functionality like flows, apex etc. to implement the rules and filters you need.

The most common usage scenarios are

  • Event Automation
    • Create a Streamboxy Event when a campaign (or something else) is created in Salesforce
    • Create a Salesforce Campaign (or something else) when a Streamboxy event was created
    • Create Streamboxy Sessions and Agenda Items from within Salesforce (i.e when someone booked a 1:1 meeting in Salesforce)

  • Synchronization of Leads / Contacts with Streamboxy (People)
    • Create or Match a Lead/Contact within Salesforce if a user signed in a Streamboxy Event, Portal or was imported
    • Create a Streamboxy Tenant User (assignable to multiple Events) when a lead or contact was created in Salesforce

  • Synchronization of Event Attendees and Show/NoShow Data
    • Create a Streamboxy Event User when a Campaign Member (or something else) was in Salesforce created.
    • Create Salesforce Campaign Members (or something else) when someone signed up for an event
    • Write Back Show/No Show Data if a user took part in an event

Besides that other more specialized usage Scenarios like change of Event appearance and Menu Items, On Site Check in, Start a Session etc. can be realised.

Also custom business logic for filtering and lead matching etc. can be implemented using Salesforce standard tools like Flows. i.e:

  • Only create Streamboxy Events for campaigns of type online event
  • Don't create a new lead if an existing lead or contact has the given E-Mail address, and match the existing lead/contact instead

Requirements for the integration

The following points are required for a STREAMBOXY-Salesforce integration: 

  • Existing Salesforce environment
  • A Streamboxy Tenant with valid subscription and Tenant Admin permissions

How does the integration Work technically?

The integration technically is build on the following two mechanisms:

  1. For everything that is initiated through Salesforce we provide you with an external Service
    Examples: Create new Event on new Campaign, Sync Leads / Contacts to Streamboxy, Automate Streamboxy etc.
    Since the external service is a Salesforce optimized version of your API, you can leverage all the Streamboxy API functionality. 

  2. For everything that is initiated through Streamboxy we publish Platform Events in Salesforce.
    Examples: New User Registered for an Event, User Showed Up in an Event, Event Created etc.

Both mechanisms can trigger or can be triggered by Salesforce specific business logic like Flows, Apex Code, Einstein Etc. 

This means you are completely free in how you call Streamboxy and how you react on Event in Streamboxy.

You can for example only create a Streamboxy Event  when a Campaign of Type "Online Event was Created" or you implement your own Lead Creation / Matching Strategy when a User Signed Up for a Streamboxy event.

Setup, Configuration and Usage: