What can the integration of an image be used for?

The content management image can be used for integration into a content page. 

Simply load your desired graphics and the content management interface, edit and place them.

What can be worked on in image editor mode?

The editor mode opens when you select the image settings. 

You can use the bar above the image to edit your image as follows. 

Image editing options

  1. Rotate to the right
  2. Rotate left
  3. Mirror horizontally 
  4. Mirror vertically
  5. Crop image
  6. Image size 16:9
  7. Image size 4:3
  8. Discard changes

In addition to the fixed sizes 16:9 and 4:3, the image scaling options also allow you to adjust the image size yourself by dragging the scaling edges to the desired size.

You can view the respective changes in the preview to the right.

New graphics can also be exchanged directly in the editing interface using the "Upload" button.

After editing your image, you can display it in a separate tab using the URL or the "Show preview" function and also use it for your event landing pages.

Save your settings under "Save".

Please note that it can take up to 10 minutes for your saved changes to be applied.