Single Sign-On allows users to log with their Microsoft (Office 365)  or Azure AD Account account.

This option is available in many enterprises and allow to reuse existing user accounts.

There are other options available up on request.

Tenant configuration

To set up the default sign in method please navigate to Settings > Sign in settings. 

There you can select between access key or Microsoft account:

This setting has following function:

  1. If Microsoft account is selected, any unauthenticated access to the stage will be automatically redirected to Microsoft log in page:
  2. Otherwise the user will be prompted to choose between a Streamboxy account or Microsoft account:
  3. When adding participants to the session in the backstage, the sign in method will be by default set to the tenant default method.

Please note that the method you select in tenant settings is just a default, so both methods will be still available for selection while adding session users.

Participant configuration

While adding participants to the session, you can choose the sign in method for each participant.

  1. If access key is selected, the user will get a participation link with unique access code. This method doesn't require the user to have or create an account so any e-mail to which the user has access to can be used.
  2. If Microsoft account is selected, the user will get a direct link to the session in stage. After opening the link, the user will be prompted to log in via his/her Microsoft account and then redirected to the session. Please make sure that the e-mail you enter is the same as the e-mail with which the account is associated.

Please note that session password and One Time Password settings are only affecting the users with access keys.

First Time Log In

If the user uses this log on for the first time to sign in to streamboxy an additional consent page is displayed.
This asks for the permission for signing in and needs to be approved once.

Depending on your organizations settings you may need an approval prio beeing able to login.

If you are an Administrator you are able to consent this on behalf of your organization (recommended).