A one-time password is used for dynamic security of your sessions. A one-time password is sent to the participant's email address when the participant wants to join the session.


First, you must check the "One-time password required" box when you create the session (or when you edit it):

Now a one-time password is required to join the session.

To ensure that the participants also receive the e-mail with the one-time password, you must allow the mail to be sent to the participants.

To do this, click on the participant administration of the session in the overview:

There, either import users or add every user manually:

When adding users individually, make sure that the check mark for mail notifications is set:

Now the one-time password is active and your participants will receive the necessary emails.

How do participants/speaker use the one-time password?

The One Time Password functionality from a participan/speaker perspective is described here.