What is Single Sign On?

Single Sign On allows your users to log in with their Microsoft (Office 365) or Azure AD accounts.

This option is available by default for user sign in in many organisations, allowing them to use their existing user credentials.

Other sign in options are available on request.

Where can I find the Sign In settings?

You can set up the standard login method in the tenant settings. You can find this in the top left corner of your tenant next to the tenant name next to the three lines and then under Settings.

Tenant settings

In the navigation bar that opens, click on "Sign In Settings" to adjust them to your needs. 

Under Sign in settings, you can set your default sign in method for the Stage. Choose between "Access key" and "Microsoft account".
sign in method

Differences between the standard sign in procedures 

  1. If "Microsoft Account" is selected, users are redirected to the Microsoft sign in page for all accesses without an access link.
    Here users can log in with their existing accounts:

    microsoft log in

  2. Otherwise, users can choose between "STREAMBOXY Account" or "Microsoft Account".

  3. If a new participant is added to a session, the default sign in method is set to "Microsoft Account".

Please note that the method selected in the sign in settings only defines the default method and simplifies the sign in. Access links can still be used, for example to easily invite external speakers.

Which login settings do I choose?

You can select the sign in method for each newly added participant:

  1. If the "Access Link" is selected, users can join the session by means of a personalized link. Users can join the session by opening the link and do not need to create an account.
    Access key
  2. If the "Microsoft Account" is selected, users will be redirected to the Microsoft Account sign in and can log in using their company account, for example. Please ensure that the sign in email used is the email on file with the STREAMBOXY participant.
    Microsoft Account

Please note that the session password and one-time password settings only affect users with an access link.

First time sign in 

When the user uses this sign in for the first time to log in to STREAMBOXY, another consent page is displayed.

Here, the user must indicate his or her authorisation to log in, which requires a one-time consent.

Depending on your organisation's settings, approval of the STREAMBOXY Azure AD application by IT may be required before sign in.

If you are an administrator, there is an option to set this approval for all users in the organisation (recommended).

Permissions requested