What is the Session User Overview?

The Session User Overview provides you with an overview of all the Users currently in the Event and their distribution across different breakout Sessions.

How do I open the Session User Overview?

As a speaker in the Streamboxy event, you will see the following icon in the left sidebar: 


After clicking on the Symbol the Session User overview opens up:

Why can't I see the Session User Overview?

The Session User Overview is only visible if you are in Speaker Role for the whole event.

If you are speaker for only a Sub Session or you are a participant, you are not able to see the Session User overview.

How do I use the Session User Overview?

Overview - Viewing all online user across all sessions

After you openend up the Session User Overview you see all currently online users across all rooms (see image above)

You are also able to see the users role

The User is Participant
The User is Speaker

Detailed View - Viewing online, planned and disconnected user of a session

In order to provide a simple picture of your event, the overview does not show planned or disconnected users of a event.

To show all user of a session, use the "i" icon which opens the detail view.

In the detail view you find all users of the session:

The status Icons have the following meaning

Never Seen
The user is planned for this session but has not entered it yet.
The user is currently in this session
The user is currently connected in the session but not actively interacting for a few minutes
The user was in this session but left it already.

Searching for Online User

To find specific users espeacially in bigger events, you can use the search box. Once you start typing a users name, the currently online users will be filtered accordingly:

Move User

Move a single User

To move a single user, click on the arrow next to the user's name. This opens up a menu that let you choose to which session you want to move the user.

If the user has no permission to the target session, you will be asked if you like to abort or directly grant the user permission to the session.

The requested participants will now receive the following request:

Move Users of a Session

You can also move all users of asession to anotherone, if you use the arrow besides the session title and select a target session:

Summon planned session users

You can also request all planned users to jon the session by clicking the down arrow.

Hint: This only requests user that have explicitly been planned for this session.

Further Reading

More information and descriptions of the user interface for speakers can be found here.

More information and descriptions of the user interface for participants can be found here.