Participant Interface at a glance

On the screenshot of the participant interface (stage) you will find numbering with the descriptions below to the individual panels, symbols and icons.

You can always expand and collapse the panels independently. Depending on the configuration of the session by the administrator, icons are present, not present, located on the left or on the right.

Participant Interface

Description of the Numbered Elements

Hint: The screenshot shows a Conference Session as a Sample, if your session is a Livestream. The area in the middle (no. 6.-8) shows the Livestream Player.

  1. Agenda - expand and collapse (see below for further details).
  2. Collapse agenda and other panels.
  3. Survey - View and participate. More information here
  4. Documents - Retrieve Documents provided by the Speaker. More information here
  5. External tool - The icon can be configured and accordingly may not be present or may have a different icon. More information here.
  6. External tool - The icon can be configured and accordingly may not be present or may have a different icon. More information here
  7. Conference - Video On/ Off. More information here.
  8. Conference - Mute/ Unmute. More information here.
  9. Conference - Share screen. More information here.
  10. Conference - Raise hand. More information here.
  11. Language Selection of the user interface (see below for further details). 
  12. Help Menu (see below for further details)
  13. Chat - More information about the chat function here
  14. Q&A- More information on the Q&A function here

Personal Agenda (no. 1-2)

Expand and collapse Agenda

When you click on the Agenda symbol (1) you can expand and collape the agenda.


Agenda panel content

The agenda panel shows all topics that are planned for you during the day.

The agenda is mostly predefined by the event organizer. It may consist of various breakout session.
The agenda usually contains start time, length and title of the planned topics or rooms. You only see the rooms that you are allowed to see / have booked.

Lobby Overview

Breakout Sessions and room navigation

Agenda Items could be simple topics or a link to a breakout session. 

If the Agenda Item is a breakout room, a "change room" button appears, wich allows you to navigate to the breakout room.

If you are in a breakout session, you can use the "change room" button below the lobby heading on the top of the agenda to switch back to the main room.

Room request by the speaker

The speaker can call you as a participant to move to the next room or to another room. To do this, you will receive a room request via push notification that lets you decide to enter the next room or not. If you press "Yes", you will automatically enter the requested room.

Room request 

Language Selection (no. 9)

When clicking on the language selection button, you can switch the language of the user interface.

Currently the languages German, English, Spanish, French and Italian are offered. 

By default, the language of your browser is set when you enter the session. 

If it is not among the five supported languages, English is selected.

Language switcher

Help menu (no. 10)

By clicking on the question mark, a "Help" window will open.

Help Button

Here you can find the following options:


  • Need Help guides you to the STREAMBOXY support portal or if defined differently by the admin, to an event specific support page
  • Tech check allows you to check if all the technical requirements to participate in a session ar given. You can find further information here.
  • Data Privacyguides you to the STREAMBOXY privacy agreement or if defined differently by the admin, to an event specific privacy agreement 
  • Imprint guides you to the STREAMBOXY imprint or if defined differently by the admin, to an event specific imprint

Sign Out

If you entered the event using a Access Link, you can leave the event simply by closing the window. This will log you out automatically.

If you use a SSO Login of your organization, you can log out by clicking at your name and select sign out

sign out

Mobile View

The features described above are also available in the mobile view.

The functionality can be reached using the menu bar on the bottom of the screen or the "Burger" menu on the upper right corner:

 Mobile view agenda mobile few stage mobile view languages