On the screenshot of the speaker interface (stage) you will find numbering with the descriptions below to the individual panels, symbols and icons.

You can always expand and collapse the panels independently. Depending on the configuration of the session by the administrator, icons are present, not present, located on the left or on the right.

Speaker overview

Description of the Numbered Elements

Hint: The screenshot shows a Conference Session as a Sample, if your session is a Livestream. The area in the middle (no. 6.-8) shows the Livestream Player.

  1. Agenda - expand and collapse (see below for further details).
  2. By clicking on the tool icon you can access the session settings of the corresponding breakout room. For example, you can call participants to come to this room by clicking on the "Call participants together" button. To confirm that you have clicked on the button, a box will appear at the bottom right confirming that the request has been sent. The participants will then be prompted to join this room with a push message if they are enabled for the room.

  3. SurveyDocuments or external Tools
  4. By clicking on the person icon, you will get to the room overview for the whole session. Here all rooms are displayed and how many people are currently in which room. Here you can also move participants to other rooms.
  5. By clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the settings panel, a window with options opens. You can choose here if you want to open the panel for all or close it for all. This works with all panels on both sides.

  6. Collapse agenda and other panels.
  7. Conference - Video On/ Off. 
  8. Conference - Mute/ Unmute. 
  9. Conference - Share screen
  10. Conference - Raise hand
  11. Conference - Participant list 
  12. Conference - Settings. 
  13. Conference - Transmission stability.
  14. Language Selection of the user interface (see below for further details). 

    Language Selection 

  15. Help Menu (see below for further details)
  16. Chat 
  17. By clicking on the icon with the three people on the right navigation bar, you can view the participants of the corresponding breakout room and the status of the respective participants. Hovering the mouse over the colors of the bar will show you the total number of never seen (grey), away (red), inactive (yellow), and active (green) participants, respectively.

    A participant is displayed in grey if he/she has not joined the overall event. Those participants are shown as "never seen".
    A participant is displayed in red if they are participating in the event but are not in the room. Those participants are shown as "away".
    If a participant is in the breakout room but is inactive (activity is measured by the frequency of mouse movement) or is on another tab, it is displayed in yellow.
    A participant is displayed in green if he is in the corresponding room and active (activity is measured by the frequency of mouse movement).

    A participant is displayed with an additional house icon if this user is an on-site participant in a hybrid event. If the house icon is green, the user is currently present at the selected session.

    If the house icon is red, the participant was already present in this session, but is currently in another session.


  18. Q&A


You can end the event at any time by closing the tab in which the event is open. This will automatically log you out.


The agenda is located at the left navigation bar and can be expanded and collapsed independently as a panel (see above).

The agenda is set by the event organizer. It can consist of different breakout rooms. Mostly the agenda includes the time, length and title of the corresponding rooms. You will only see the rooms and time slots you are unlocked for. If you press "Change Room" in a time slot, you will enter the corresponding room.

As a speaker, you can call participants to move to the next room or to another room. For this, a room request is sent to the participants via push notification, which lets them decide to enter the next room or not.


If you close a room, the participants are automatically removed from the room and returned to the lobby. Find more information for how to close a room, etc. here [link to livestream speaker].

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