What are surveys?

With the help of surveys, speakers can poll the participants live during the session or take votes.

Speaker Features

Open and close survey panel for all participants

The survey feature can be found on the left navigation bar. By clicking on the corresponding icon, the survey panel opens.

survey view

After clicking on the three dots next to the survey panel opens the options for the survey panel.

Here you can open or close the survey panel for all attendees. 

In addition to that, you can open the survey panel in an extra window.

survey in a extra window open panel 

Create surveys

As a speaker, you can independently create a (quick) survey within your session.  

Create quick survey

For quick surveys, you can determine the format (answer options) of the survey before creating it. You can choose between three formats.

add quick survey

Create surveys with your own answer options

You can also create your own surveys by defining questions and answers. To do this, click on the button "Create new survey" and type your question into the field with the red border. 

You can define as many answer options as you like by clicking on "Add answer" and entering your answer. 

Add survey

Only once you have entered at least two answer options can you save the survey by clicking on the "Save survey" button.


Allow multiple choice

If you want participants to be able to select multiple answers when answering the survey instead of just one answer, tick "Allow multiple choice".

allow multible choice

Allow custom answer

You can give participants the option of adding their own answers in addition to the answer options you have formulated. 

To do this, activate "Allow own answers" when creating the survey.

allow custom answer

Customer view

Presentation of results

The results can be displayed in a bar chart or a Word Cloud.
The Word Cloud is only displayed when the results are shown. Otherwise, it is also displayed as a bar chart.

Bar chart:

bar chart

Word Cloud: 

Word cloud

Status planned

The survey is not visible to others from the time it is created until you activate the survey for participants and is in "survey scheduled" status.

The status is always visible in the upper left corner of the panel.

Example of planned survey with one response option:

Planned Survey

Example of planned survey with multiple choice:

Planned Multiple Choice Survey

Edit survey

By clicking on the pencil symbol, you return to the editing status and you can, as when creating a survey, adjust the questions and answers as you wish.

This feature only available as long as the survey is in the planned status. Surveys that have been carried out can no longer be edited.

Edit Survey

Delete survey 

Click on the recycle bin symbol to delete the entire survey. This cannot be restored.

Delete Survey


Copy survey

By clicking on the copy symbol, the whole survey including the question and the answer options will be copied as an extra survey below.

Copy Survey

Show / collapse survey details

You can show and collapse individual surveys by clicking on "-" in the expanded state or on the Square in the collapsed state. In the collapsed state, only the question of the survey is visible, the answers are hidden.

survey ready to share Collapsed State


Conduct a survey

Start survey 

Only when you start the poll, the voting starts and the poll appears for the participants in the side panel and, if set in the event backstage, as a pop-up window 

Several surveys can be active at the same time, in which case they will be displayed simultaneously.

For more information on viewing surveys for participants, click here.

Start Survey


Track results live and (optionally) make them visible to participants

After the survey has been started, the display screen changes and you can see the number of votes cast for each answer option. 

If you click on the light bulb icon, you can then also make the ongoing results visible to participants while the survey is running. 

If the results are currently visible to participants, the light bulb symbol is crossed out. After clicking again, you can hide the results for the participants.

Show Results to Participants Hide Results for Participants

End survey

An active survey can be ended at any time by clicking on the lower button with the rectangle. The participants will then see that the survey has been closed.

End Survey

After you have completed the survey, the final number of votes and percentages of the answer options are visible for speakers. For participants they are visible depending on the activation (see above).

Note: If the checkmark for displaying the number of votes in the backstage is not set, participants will only see the percentage, not the number of votes.

Open & Close survey pop-up for participants

You can open the survey results as a pop-up for all participants if this has been activated in the event backstage. This will then be displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the participant screen.

 To close the results pop-up for all participants, click on the "X" on the pop-up.

Show Results as a Pop-up

To close the results pop-up for all participants again, click on the "X" on the pop-up.

Close Survey Pop-ups

Survey in a second window

If you need the surveys and results as a second window for a production, you can either copy the link to the survey pop-up via the context menu (Options) in the survey panel or open it directly in another window.
Open Panels For Participants

If you click on "Open in new window", a new browser window (shown here in the middle of the image) will open with the content of the survey pop-up (in mobile view, a new tab will open).

open new window

new window with survey

The content of the second window behaves analogously to the survey pop-up with the only exception that if no survey pop-up exists (because no survey is active or explicitly a closed survey was opened as a pop-up) a hint text is displayed.

all surveys are inactive

If you click on the "Copy link" button in the context menu , the link will be copied to the clipboard and can be pasted into the browser of your choice.

copy link

Mobile View

If you are using the mobile view, you find the survey symbol on the bottom menu bar.

mobile survey few

mobile survey panel settings

add mobile a new question