What are the privacy settings?

With the help of the privacy settings, you can determine whether and which privacy policy is displayed in your events.

These settings only apply to the Stage area and not to the Backstage. 

You can find more information about Stage and Backstage here.

The privacy policy is used in the following places: 

  • When you first enter the event
  • In the help menu in the Stage
  • When participants register themselves

The privacy settings do not apply to e-mail notifications. Please adjust the notification templates separately for this.

Where can I find the privacy settings?

You can find the privacy settings in the Backstage settings in the lower left corner.

In the navigation bar that opens, click on "Privacy settings" to adjust them to your needs.

What settings can I adjust?

Store data protection statement

Here you can now choose whether you want to store your "Individual privacy policy" or use the "Standard privacy policy".

If you do not store an individual data protection statement, the standard data protection statement will automatically be displayed to users. You can find it here.

If you want to store your individual privacy policy or that of your customer, click on "Individual privacy policy" and insert the corresponding link.

Skip Consent for Privacy Statement

Regardless of whether you choose the Standard or Individual privacy policy, you can decide whether you want to skip obtaining consent for the privacy policy before an event occurs. To do this, place a tick in the box provided.

Note: If you want to skip consent, you will need to obtain it from your users in another way (e.g. login/registration form).

To finalise the privacy settings, click on "Submit".