What is in this article?

This article describes and refers to the four different session types that can be created in a main session or breakout session (as part of an agenda item).

What is a Session Type?

A session type represents a format for a session within STREAMBOXY

For more information on the concept of a "session", click here.

STREAMBOXY supports different session types within an event. For each session type you can define type-specific settings like the visibility of recordings for live streams or camera rights for conferences.

Our AddIn Model even allows you to embed your own session types for other conference solutions, breakout rooms etc. in STREAMBOXY.

As already mentioned, session types can be embedded in the main session (lobby) or in a breakout room. 

Detailed information on this can be found accordingly in the main session settings and in the agenda and session settings.

What Session Types are there?

sesion types


Suitable for conveying a high-quality live video signal, for example from a studio, to a large number (1 to over 100,000) of viewers (keynotes, presentations, etc.). 

Detailed information on "Livestream" can be found here.


Suitable for interactive exchange in smaller groups via headset and webcam (for example for breakout sessions, 1:1 conversations, etc.). 

A maximum of 250 participants can take part in a video conference at the same time.

Detailed information on "Conference" can be found here.

ATTENTION: This feature is currently in preview, more details can be found in this article

Content page

Suitable for displaying editorial content and embedding external tools such as networking, third-party streaming, 3D worlds, etc. 

Detailed information on the "content page" can be found here.