What is in this article?

This article describes what an event image is and how you can configure it in STREAMBOXY Backstage

What is an event image?

The event image in STREAMBOXY  is a thumbnail. This small thumbnail image of a certain graphic serves as a preview for your events or sessions, for example. 

By including images, your event gets a better visual recognition value. 

Currently, the event image can be integrated and edited in STREAMBOXY Backstage using the image editor, but is not yet displayed in the platform (Stage and Backstage). 

The STREAMBOXY development team continues to work on the features and applications of the event image. 

In the near future, the integration of the following applications of the event image is conceivable: 

  • Event overview in Backstage:
    Event image is displayed next to the respective event. Clicking on the event image takes you to the event or to the event settings.

  • Landing page/ registration page:
    Various events are displayed on your landing page/registration page. Participants can register for this corresponding event by clicking on the image.

  • Event overview in your event portal: 

    You can display event images next to the corresponding events in your individual event portal. Clicking on the event image takes you to the event registration. 

    You can configure your portal in the STREAMBOXY Backstage. Detailed information about the portal settings can be found here

Please note that these items are in the planning stage and the content and timing can be adapted. 

How do I insert an event image for my event?

To include an event image for your event, go to the settings of the corresponding event in the STREAMBOXY Backstage. 

In the left navigation bar, click on the element "Event image". 

Event image"

You can then upload and edit an image of your choice as an event image using the image editor. 

To open the image editor, click on "Edit image". 

Detailed information on uploading and editing images in the image editor can be found here

Image Editor

After you have uploaded your image in the image editor, it will appear on the "Event image" page as a preview. 

Edit Image/Delete

If you want to edit the image again, click on "Edit image". 

If you want to delete the event image, click on the button "Delete event image". 

Further information

Detailed information on uploading and editing images in the image editor can be found here