What does this article say?

This article describes the integration possibilities of translation tools with STREAMBOXY.

What integration options are there for translation tools?

STREAMBOXY offers you an interface via IFRAME to be able to integrate translation tools directly into your event and to enable participants all over the world to hold the event in their respective languages.


Integration options:

  • Multilingual live streams
  • Real-time online conferencing

If you are interested in the integration of translation tools, please contact us via our contact form.

Qonda Integration:

On the browser-based platform, companies can book and use interpreters online for multilingual online conferences - in all language combinations that are available on the market. The interpreters themselves can be your own trusted interpreters or they can be booked by an interpreting agency.


Detailed information about Qonda can be found here.

With an IFRAME solution, both livestreams and conferences can be translated directly into STREAMBOXY.

The web conference tool can be adapted to your corporate design to suit your event.


Please note the following for the integration of Qonda:


  1. Register for free on Qonda to be able to book your translation of the STREAMBOXY event with Qonda.
  2. Qonda provides you with all the information you need for translation integration for STREAMBOXY.



Qonda's server headquarters are located in Germany. Qonda is GDPR compliant and encrypts the content accordingly.


NOTE: If you want to integrate Qonda for your event, the requests must be made to Qonda at least four weeks before the event date.




Additional information

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Detailed information about the conference can be found here.