This article describes the language settings for your tenant at STREAMBOXY.

What can the tenant language settings be used for? 

The language settings in your tenant settings offer the possibility to make the event available to the event participants in only one or in several languages.

Note: If only one language is specified in the settings, the language switcher is not available in all of the areas listed below.

Simply select your desired languages in your Tenant settings.

Which areas can be adjusted with the language settings? 

The language settings in your tenant settings affect different areas in STREAMBOXY.

If a language selection is specified, only that language selection will be available in subsequent areas.

Custom Properties 

There are custom properties in both your Tenant Settings and Event Settings. By selecting the language settings, the user-defined properties will also only be displayed in the translation of this selection. Labels can now only be set in the selected languages.


Your event stage has with the language settings you set in the tenant settings only the set languages for language selection.

User self SignUp

Your user registration for all events can be customized with the language settings choices.