You can send a test email at any time to get immediate visual feedback on your notification template configurations. To send a test email, click the top right button "Send Test Email" on the notification template overview page.

Send test e-mail

A "Send test e-mail" window then opens.

Here you can enter the recipient's e-mail address, select the language of the notification template and the notification type of the test e-mail.

Send test e-mail window

Select "Language" between the five languages German, English, Spanish, French, Italian or choose one of the five custom templates.


At "Notification type" you can again choose between "Participant invitation", "Participant reminder", "Speaker invitation", "Speaker reminder" and "User OTP" as before when configuring a template.

Notification type

After you have filled in the fields, click on "Send" to send the test e-mail to the e-mail address you entered.