Whats in this article?

This Article describes how you can Sync Streamboxy data to Salesforce in detail.

Check the Salesfroce Integration Overview article for an overview regarding all functionality of the Salesforce integration.


The following prerequisites must be met to sync Streamboxy Data to Salesforce: 

How does it Work?

The Sync from Streamboxy to Salesforce works event driven and leverages Salesforce Platform Events to push changes from Streamboxy live to Salesforce.

Platform Events can trigger Salesforce Flows, Apex Code and other Salesforce functionality. This allows you to react to Streamboxy Changes directly from within Salesforce and add your own business logic for processing them.

Setup the Integration

Step 1: Set up The Streamboxy Platform Events Package in your environment

The Salesforce integration requires certain Platform Events to be present in your Salesforce org for the Streamboxy Salesforce integration to be able to create them in your environment.

a) Click the Following link to install the Package:

b) Login to your target Salesforce org which is also connected to Streamboxy

c) Enter the following package installation password and click continue:


d) Click Install

e) Wait for the Installation to be complete

Step 2: Enable Salesforce Push changes in the Streamboxy integration

a) Navigate to Tenant Settings --> Integrations and click "Configure" in the Salesforce Integration row.

integrations overview

b) Check the desired boxes in the "Push changes to Salesforce" section and Safe.

Note: You can only activate these boxes when you have connected Salesforce with Streamboxy.

Step 3: Leverage the Desired Platform Event from Salesforce
You are now ready to react to Platform Events from within Salesforce using Flows, Apex etc.

See the Flow Sample for Streamboxy data sync to Salesforce article to get started.

Streamboxy Data Sync of Custom Properties

In case you want to include Streamboxy Custom Properties in the Platform events you can extend them using the following Steps:

a) Retrieve the internal name of the Custom Property in Streamboxy Tenant Settings.
In this case "eventprop".

custom properties overview

b) In your Salesforce Organisation go to Setup and Open Platform Events, click on the the event you want to add custom properties to.

Streamboxy supports Custom Properties in Events and Tenant Users.

c) Create a new column in Salesforce by clicking on the "New" Button in Custom Fields & Relationships.

d) Select the Salesforce Colum Datatype depending on the data type of the custom property and click Next

The types can be mapped as following:

Streamboxy Data Type Salesforce Data Type Remarks
Number (with decimals) Number
Checkbox Checkbox
Date Date or Datetime Streamboxy always delivers UTC DateTimes
Dropdown Text or Text Area (Long) The internal name of the selected value will be provided as string
Multiple Choice Text or Text Area (Long) The internal name of the selected values will be provided as comma separated string list
Image Unsupported

e) Define the Field Label, Name other Properties and click Save.

Important: The Field Name of the Custom Field must start with "custom_" and then continue with the internal name of the Custom Property in Streamboxy.

If the Internal custom property name in Streamboxy is "eventprop" then the Field name must be "custom_eventprop".

f) You'll see the newly created field amongst other Fields of the platform Event

Sample Flows

See your Flow Samples - Sync Streamboxy to Salesforce article for a usage scenario.